Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Friday

SK Silvery Moon - Retired - Artist Jessica Galbreth and  Heaven and Earth Designers This is the current weeks project
Fancy Dancing - Artist Teri Rosario, Designer - Heaven and Earth  After this is last weeks WIP

This is the day my cross stitch rotation will usually switch - so I have two pictures to post, my after of the last, and my before for the up and coming.
Please make a special note, Jessica Galbreth has retired this painting and the link I have provided to her website shows her  current, beautiful work.

I joined in the HAED's BB weekly SAL- which is those projects you have given up on.  The Silvery Moon was the first HAED chart I started, but I measured the fabric wrong and when I found out I may run out of room at the bottom to finish, I stopped working on it.  WELL ISN'T THAT JUST STUPID!!!!!  Seriously, I can finish her off at the very least the end of page 2 - I am almost there and see how much I want to go to page three.  It will be an awesome FINISH for me, even if it doesn't go the whole 3 pages - much better than sitting in a project box forever, unfinished - after all the hours I have already spent, she deserves to be displayed....

Don't you agree

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