Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Cross Stitch Update.

Fancy Dancing Teri Rosario One of my goals
Before April 13, 2012

This is also an 18 or maybe even 14 or 16, not sure will recount aida fabric.  It is easy to stitch.  THis week on HAED BB SAL it is UFOs/SWIP.  This was started 2 years ago - and I have made it a 2012 goal to complete my 2 unfinished pages and completed page 3.  That is a lot of stitches.  But this chart does not have too much confetti, and when it does there are only a total of 67 (about) floss colors so even the most confetti is not a terrible thing.  I chose this picture it reminds me of a very dear friend who more than once got me though the hardest of times. 

Freebie SK Forbidden Doorway
April Update
One of the reasons I love to stitch this one is because it is on 18 count aida and its 2 x 1 but it is so easy for me to see.  Even though I do have some magnifying things to help with the smaller counts, it is just so much easier.  The 2nd page will be sent out May 7.  I do want to work on it a little before then, I would like to do at the least 1000 stitches before page 2 comes so I will not be so far behind. You can see where her face will go and the dragon


  1. Both your posts are beautiful!! I'm so behind on my SK for the HAED BB SAL! It's just not on my list of priorites, but I was hoping to at least get page 1 done before page 2 gets here...we'll see! Thanks for entering my floss giveaway! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comments - your floss giveaway was great. I do feel somewhat pressured to finish page 1, but I heck - I tend to ignore pressure

  2. They look awesome! I like stitching on larger counts too, sometimes. Gives my eyes a nice break.

    1. It seems when I use my mag glass to see better, my neck really hurts, I think I have to come up with a better chair for my stitching and or something. Thank you


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