Sunday, February 19, 2012

Parenting Does it ever get any easier

PJ (Henry Zachery IV) is 37 today.  That is not easy to handle - my first born has turned 37.  It is so hard to explain what it was like to become MOM - being married to a US Marine stationed in North Carolina who had never given up his ex girlfriend. Having a kid with parents of two different races, a child who would always be thought of as an Africian American, even though I was so Scottish and contributed 50% of his DNA and 95% of his care and upbringing.  We survived it all.  If you have ever read the Twilight Saga by then you know about "imprinting" and that is what it was, in a Mother Child way when I first set eyes on my first born.  Happy Birthday to an amazing man, a wonderful son, and the person who changed the road I walked and my life's journey.

Theresa - yesterday pictures with Jazarah and Huntley - it was an adventure.  I so hope she can figure this whole thing out, relationships are hard and she has no role model, as I never could stay married more than 5 years, and never learned how to resolve conflict.  My life is sort of like Elizabeth Weber's on General Hospital.     Well the relationships and the kids, not the painting or the nurse part.

Knicks win again - SU beats Rutgers.  Sports are good.

Jada my oldest Grandkid - she performed at her school pep rally singing Lean on Me like no tomorrow.  Wish I could figure out how to upload this link - but it was on the phone, and you really can't see her, but if I could figure out how to just get a voice clip.  Still can't get over the fact my oldest grandkid is a JR in High School. 

Live each day, life is so freaking short

Tomorrow President's Day - I will reflect in the morning of the blessings of America, and how proud I am of the red white and blue, thankful that I am able to vote for who I want, Women still have the Right to Choose, (which is not the opposite of Life), and I can worship my God in the way that works for me.

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