Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Heather

Heather did wait until shortly after midnight so she could have her own birthday, and not her brothers.  Can you believe she is 24?  Attending SU - she will be a person who will change many children's lives.  She is compassionate, but no nonsense - too big a heart.  Happy Birthday Heather - hope you made a special memory.

YES MSG is back.  And tonight it is my favorite announcer Walt Frazier - with the best suits and the best rhymes.  So hope we can beat the Nets, never underestimate your opponent.  Melo is back - and there is so much junked being said about this whole thing.  Hope they do well.  You know I am always going to be all about Carmelo - grandson is Jalen Carmelo, and he brought the NCAA Basketball Championship to Syracuse.  At Chadwicks in Eastwood with Jude and Tom.  My two most favorite people, too bad Tom's weakness  took over and he went over to the dark side one to many times.   Sorry kids but there was a lot of love going on there.  Taking nothing away from all his team members. Basketball sort of is our passion in this family.  Well we do like football too, but that is over for the year - and Baseball has not quite started yet. Excellent Lin to Anthony for two....

Presidents day today - Loved this article - It was very interesting. 

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