Monday, February 6, 2012

I am back

Today is a good day - last years football season is officially over - the Game was Game to be remembered and to the very end a fight. Could not have asked for a better game. However, of course this means for right now up until September 2012 we and when I say we I so mean the Browns, have the same record as every other team, and we have the same chance of making it to this game. I am very sad, I have not seen a trip to this game, and we have come close - why I am so not a Broncos fan - however - It goes to say, I am a Browns fan, win or lose, never, ever will I be anything but that. Why did I start to play Fantasy Football - I started to play during the years when my Browns were side lined and I had no team. Never giving up my Brown and Orange, and it still hurts my heart to think we had to go so long without a team. But lets not go backwards, only forward and to say I am looking forward to draft day is an under statement. Our history gives me faith - our tradition gives me strength.

Also I have started tracking again. Fingers crossed it lasts more than a week.

The sun is shining - seriously, CNY in February with only 32 inches of snow. This is so strange, not complaining, just saying.

Thinking of Brittney today as she readies herself for a new chapter in her life, thinking and praying as much for Heather as I do for her.


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