Sunday, March 5, 2017

First March Check In

I had a great February Stitching Month.  These are all my finishes.  There are two additional Smalls I am sharing for the first time.  JBW Designs Spring Basket I completed with the left over floss from my Spring project - because it was stitched 2 over 2 on 25 ct purple, it really is much larger than I expected.  The pink Easter Egg fabric is a shade of green.

I have jumped back and forth with trying to plan just what Madness will be happening in My March Stitching.  I have added a few stitches to my year of WIP piece Woneta by Amy Bruecken, I have a new start Puddle Dancer from Hand Blessings and I did start 12 days of Christmas, in Cross Stitch and Needlework January 2014.  I am stitching from stash.  So many new projects will start on different shades and stitch counts and fabrics.    I have frogged all of my progress on 12 days because I will not survive stitching it on the fabric I choose.  So I will restart it next week.  

I am planning on several new starts in the Month of March.  But not sure which ones will make the final cut - I will share as I stitch. 

Daughter #3 loves to play in the Rain.  Especially in the Summer when everyone is running for cover, she is dancing.  I am stitching this on, I think, 14 ct while aida in her favorite color purple  DMC 154

Woneta - When I pulled this out to stitch on I had completed half of the black cat and the arm and hand holding the cat.

This pattern has a  ton of fractional stitches.  Haven't stitched these in a bit, the evenweave I started this just wasn't working.  But I really want this to be finished by Christmas and I like this already owned chart.  So I will not give up.

Something to share on  Cross Stitch.  But just have to.

Locally every Tuesday our law enforcement agencies issue a press release regarding a cold case.  This past Tuesday this was my brother.  I am sharing the links because I have to.  I have to continue to share on all my social media things.  So the following links are all about the case.  I have saved this to the end, because I am not sharing this for one reason, it makes me feel better.  Interview re brother  and   First Article after Press Release


  1. Nice things first - Love the stitching this month, especially the variegated thread on the Easter Basket. Also love the 12 Days design. Would you like to join our Christmas Ornie SAL Blog? One of the options is a 12 Days chart, one block per month. You are only 2 behind!
    Personal stuff - so sorry for your loss and the lack of closure after all these years. Someone somewhere knows the truth. I do hope you find it. Forensics are so much better these days, maybe the police can uncover new evidence?

  2. Congrats on the beautiful finishes and nice progress on your other projects. Was so to read about the loss of your brother. Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way.


  3. Such lovely finishes, Melinda, and all of them so very spring-y. I particularly love the little Easter egg with the bunny, tree and flowers. Nice progress on your other projects.
    If Jo hadn't suggested the Christmas Ornie SAL group I would have done it :) So many lovely 12 Days projects are stitched there.
    It is so sad to read about your brother. And it must be heartbreaking for you and the whole family not to know more. I do hope the police will be successful.

  4. Beautiful stitching! I love your WIPs too. Good luck with your March stitching. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother.

  5. Wow! So many finishes. Sorry to read about your brother. I hope sharing will bring new information.

  6. Gorgeous Spring stitching! Such beautiful colours. The new Puddle stitch is perfect.
    So sorry to read about your brother, I hope your family gets the answers you need.

  7. Love your spring stitching, bring it on! Great WIPs, I really love the Woneta!
    So sad to hear about your brother, I hope you can find the answers your family deserves.

  8. Praying that they will solve Stephen's case soon. It is like a double heartbreak for your family. Great stitching for the month of February! I love Amy's designs but Puddle Dancer would be calling my name!

  9. I hope and pray that some day you will get some answers--I just can't imagine how hard the past 37 years have been for you and your siblings...

    Lovely stitching--such a cute purple piece for your rain dancing daughter!

  10. Your finishes are lovely, you did a wonderful job! I also love your WIP selections, looking forward to seeing your progress!

  11. Personal note first... I can't imagine what you and your family have been going through over all these years... I do hope that the cold case show sparks a memory or better still the person comes forward and gives you closure. My heart breaks for you all....
    Your spring stitching is gorgeous... love your new "puddle" start - what a cute design :o)
    Hugs x

  12. I'm so sorry to read about the tragic loss of your brother. I truly hope something comes of re-opening the case. I can't imagine how hard this has been for all of you to deal with. Praying for some closure and that the offender is finally held accountable for this.

    On the stitching front I love all your little wips. Especially puddle dancer, very cute. The 12 days of Christmas is going to look amazing stitched too. Good luck with them all.
    xo Alicia

  13. What a cute finish! I loved the story of the upside down traffic light. Can't wait to read about your March Madness plans!


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