Monday, March 22, 2010

So here's the deal

Couple of things - I hate the story line on General Hospital now, just because I worry about Ethan, and I just hope they have renewed his contract - he did make the new beginning so I am thinking they will not write him off

Yes SU has made it to the sweet 16 - Thursday night they play Butler. It is very important they win this game. I was not impressed with Butler, but that does not mean anything. If SU comes to play and Andy stays focused they will WIN. And of course with me having them winning my brackets - it will be a grand thing if they do win.

I have sorted out my WIP's once again. I have selected a few to work on that will fit into my rotation of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. -- Of course there are my Heaven and Earth Designs Mixed in.

Summer is a Leisure Arts I have had since Summit Ave - Liberty House by Pegi White. It is a red, white and blue house and I started it about 10 years ago. Last week was summer. Updated pictures will be posted soon. My Summer HAED is my Silvery Moon by Jessica Galbreath - SK. It is Summer because it is purples.

Fall I will continue TRue Love II. by Soucman Creations - Karen Couchman - Australia. Another WIP I have been working on for about six years. My Fall HAED is Steampunk Fairy.

Winter I have Santa Sack, from the Christmas 2009 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy - Issue 131. This is so easy as it is all white, on red. Using three strands of floss which is so different. But it is easy fun.. I also bring this with me when I am in the car, or out - because it is all white, makes it easier to stitch while I am on the go.
Also - I have a Winter HAED for the Weekends, or when I am on call. It is 350*279 Seriously. But there is a whole lot of one color for that also

My Spring HAED notFoal Fairy. My Spring non haed is From Blessed Are Ye - Designs by Gloria & Pat . RIth Morehead Art work - and it is the little boy with puppy which reminds me so much of Jalen.

I will be doing the SK SAL once it arrives in the mail for April and that will be my main focus until it is finished. There is a great possiblity at times, I will put other work aside and just work on one project or another. Sometimes I get going right along and do not want to stop work on that project.

I have also started reading the Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. First in a series. I just could not finish that Kleopatra one. It could not hold my interest. I guess there must be some books out there like that, but I did think this one I was going to enjoy much more than it was going. I may pick it up sometime, but not now.

Organized my box sets. Hope to start to watch the Tudors Season 1 soon. I also have Smallville season 1 - it is like on season 10 or something crazy like that now.

Cut coupons today.

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