Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekend of Below Freezing Snowy followed by Above Freezing Tuesday

Photo appeared Post Standard Syracuse Paper Website
So this is what the roads look like in downtown Syracuse this noon.  More Pictures of Hometown 2/16/2016.  Have to love it.  Over the weekend Watertown New York - about an hour north of me had the coldest temp in the USA...-37.  I was at -22.  Not complaining.  Actually just shaking my head, because here are pictures of my city - three days later and it has been raining all morning.

UGH... I hate freezing rain.  This is not suppose to happen until March.  Or even April.  There is more snow and cold on the way.  Wonder what this will do to the streets?

My week was an adventure - Furnace Repairs last Thursday, at the home I own.  That furnace is 37 years old.  Can I make it just one more year?  But repairs $$$

On way to meet repair man, got in a single car accident - due to icy roads - went off the road, sort of funny, on a hill - drove on someone's lawn - popped a tire.  SO Friday, due to All Wheel Drive - I met with Don at Goodyear and now I have 4 wonderful new tires  $$$$$$

SO I just had to make a trip to visit my friend and shop owner - A Stitchers Garden yesterday - we had the day off to celebrate our Presidents, and my latest order had been delivered.  Hands On Design, Block Party Java  Mine will not look like this -- I bought a different color of Fabric.  I drink my coffee black and dark roast - well my morning coffee, I wish I could remember the name, but I will post it when I begin this project.  There is some back stitching required to define the stitching areas, this is going to be so much fun.
Hands On Design Block Party

So I have one little Finish to show you.  
 The green is not the one called for in the graph.  This was a Limited Addition Gentle Arts - I did not have the called for color and I just decided this weekend I wanted to stitch this - being it was so cold out.  Did not finish - finish it but it will be ready to display by March.

Hands On Design Year In Chalk.  March
Stay Safe and Warm.  Do hope Mother Nature is kind to you and yours.


  1. I like your style - when the chips are down - go buy some stash! Love the St Patrick's Day design and your new Block Party piece looks like it will be lots of fun to stitch.

  2. Oh crikey, sounds all a bit mad, hope things are getting back to normal. Love k x

  3. Love the St. Patrick's Day piece! That is some ugly weather, glad your car and you were not seriously hurt in the accident.

  4. oh che tempo, qui piove e c'è tanto vento. Bellissimi i tuoi ricami

  5. I like both your Hands On designs. They really have inspired a whole chalkboard craze this year.

  6. I hate icy and snowy roads and we have these conditions too every now and then. That's why I am so very glad that I needn't drive to work any longer. Good that it was only a tire that was damaged when you got off the road because of the ice.


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