Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8 2016

Last week was a great Stitching Week.  And I am very happy when I get the opportunity to Stitch a bunch.

Friday night was our first Stitch-In of 2016 at My LNS A Stitchers Garden.  This only happens every other month, they are very important to me.  These are the only women I know locally who I am blessed to be able to stitch with.  This was a great time.  It is now about six weeks to the Annual Retreat and it can't get here soon enough.    I worked on La-D-Da Peace on Earth - this is the designer who will be at our Retreat. Love her designs.  I was able to almost finish the bird..
This is a very poor picture.  

Nutcracker 2016 
This is my First Nutcracker finish.   I would love to do several of them this year.  Happy I have one finished.  My goodness, it has been a long time since I have done this much back stitching.  It seems most of my work of late has been limited.  This project needed it.  I think he may be too big for my tiny little tree next year - but I know he will be displayed.

So had to start on Nutcracker #2.  Same as above but dressed in blue.
 This Nutcracker has a French Horn.  My Grandson plays the French horn.  So this one will be extra special.  This little guy was not in the February plans at first.  But I have changed them.  Pretty sure this won't be the first time.
Dog House Blessing Update 2/8/2016
I did get to work a little on my WIP of the month.  I try to do this stitching on Thursdays.  

Life is good here in CNY.  We have dodged all the Blizzard and the temps have been mild.  I wouldn't mind the snow - but not complaining here.

Stay Safe


  1. You could make your nutcracker into a flatfold :) Kudos on your finish.

    I'm envious that you have a local stitch group. Wish I had one.

  2. I love dog house blessings, and yes it is amazing the difference back stitching can make.

  3. The dog house is my favourite :)
    Stopped to say "hello" and decided to follow. Greetings from Hungary,

  4. Great projects to be seen here. Your little nutcracker looks so nice and I go with Meari, a flat fold finish would be very lovely.
    So wonderful to have some stitching friends living nearby.

  5. Beautiful projects

  6. Hi Melinda, these are coming on a treat, your Nutcracker is a darling, and worth all that back stitching. As you will know I back stitch as I go as I can't bear doing it all at the end.

    Glad you escaped the snow.

    k x

  7. How lovely to have an LNS and a stitch group too!
    The nutcracker does look great with all his backstitch done.


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