Monday, February 22, 2016


These are the dogs.  Dakota (white), Cali and Little Bella.
When I moved to my little house, I took Cali with me.  It was a very difficult decision, but one that worked out best for the family, and the animals.  Daughters #3 and #4 who are living in the house could not have lived there without the Dakota and Bella.  However, just like the Grandkids, there are sometimes when they all come to the house for a visit.

Dakota is now 8, and Cali is 2 (both Rescues) and Bella is 2 also - but she started out as Granddaugher#1's dog, who went away to college - and we inherited her.
Dakota, Cali, Bella February 2016

I am blessed with a very large, fenced in back yard.
Cali has figured out how to climb up on a tree with a funny trunk and jump over the fence.
So, I had a bit of a fright this weekend, when I went outside to bring her in after a quick potty break and she was no where to be found.  Her backyard privileges have been suspended.

These are my two finishes.  My Dog Bone Blessing  is a little different than the original chart -- I have left off the WELCOME BONE and the blue panel at the very bottom of the house.  I am perfectly okay with these adjustments. and when it comes to my stitching  I always win.

Dog Blessing 2/22/2016 Finished

Here is my 2nd Christmas Nutcracker.  My grandson plays the French Horn.  I am not totally sure that is the instrument this Nutcracker has, but it is close enough look alike, so you get where I am going with this one.  It is for Grandson #2.  


  1. The Dog piece is perfect for your family! I like the Nutcracker too.

  2. Beautiful stitching, love the dogs

  3. che amori i tuoi cani, bellissimi i ricami

  4. Beautiful cross stitch and gorgeous hounds, naughty doggy escaping. My Barney is very like Bella. Loving The Nutcrackers

    K x

  5. Your dog seems to be very creative when it comes to escaping the back yard, lol.
    Both your finishes are very lovely.

  6. Congratulations on your finishes. They look great. I am glad you are happy with your version of Dog Bone. Sometimes it's nice to make a chart unique! :)


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