Sunday, January 31, 2016

January is Over?

So true, So true.  Life passes quickly - so many days, so few memories.  Blogging will help me keep at the very least my stitching fresh - memories and the thoughts and reasons for each piece I choose to stitch - even if I never finish it - it was so very important and meant something the day I picked it up.

Another Finish for 2016   This was finished as a nice Phone Carrier Case. I think I may attempt to do this, But not sure if I will use it on a daily basis - I am afraid it will become a mess if I carry it around too much.

Cross Stitch Christmas From Hand and Heart
I will be starting one of these Nutcrackers for my 1st Ornament of the year.  I do like to do 12 - since I am a bit behind will have to double up.  

Stoney Creek Dog Bone Wisdom
This is my WIP for the Month of  February  Would love to finish the words, and the right side.  That would leave the bottom -- there is a ton of back stitching in this, which I will most likely not do all of it.  It depends on how it looks to me when the cross stitching is done.

I will also be working on Trilogy Springlogy -- Due to Stash Cash Limitations, I am doing this one on Fabric I have and DMC threads.   

Have not yet decided on my February Small but will share as the month goes on

Having kids and grandkids for dinner today.  Meal prep awaits me - 

Stay safe,  


  1. Oh yes, the blog is a great way of keeping track of everything! I like to look back at last year's entries to see how much progress I've made (or how little!)
    You've got some great charts to work on next month.

    1. Thank you. I also have started taking more pictures of my work, and taking better control of my stash. It seems the older I get the more important it is to record my memories. It's fun too.

  2. I use my blog like a diary of my stitching. It's fun to look back at finished pieces and see the progress each month. I like your plans for next month!

    1. Thank you. There are so many finishes and pieces I gave away as gifts, I have no pictures of and only faint memories. I like thinking of this as a "diary"

  3. It's great that you decided to blog about your stitching - so we can see all the nice projects that you have on the go :)
    So great to see Hello finished. And no matter how you will finish it, it looks very nice. These nutcrackers are gorgeous. I wish you luck with your plan to stitch one per month. I also do the ornament per month thing and so far I have been successful. But I have started this ornament thing many times during the last years and always fell off the wagon after a while. But I don't mind, that's the way plans go, sometimes, lol.
    Great, your Stoney Creek project. I love Stoney Creek a lot and also have a piece by them on he go.

  4. Wonderful stitching. I am a fan of Nutcrackers!

    1. Thank you Pamela. I love them too - I have SO many TODO. I hope this will be the first of many in 2016

  5. That little phone is so cute!!


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