Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crazy Cold

I am blessed to live in Central New York - we prepare for crazy winters with tons of snow.  Our snow removal is the best - our roads stay pretty clean and dry.

I live 2 miles from my job - and own a vehicle - and driving in my city is not a nightmare - Rush Hour may mean I spend 10 minutes extra.

But this Winter has been something else, hasn't it?  And I love Winter and the Cold and the Snow - but only for December thru March - but this January is CRAZY COLD....  You would think I would be getting a ton of stitching done, as I am staying in more - but still sort of doing some purging and organizing.

I did get a few more of the apples completed - and then I decided to try to finish all of the one color red, before starting a new one.  But this Idea may not last long. 
Bothy Threads Garden Shed.
But I am feeling super excited because I have another update on my Garden Shed.  Deb and Linda this is a wonderful way to start a new week of stitching - with a little bit of Bothy Threads.

I purchased a new car - I traded in my Truck - it was a very sad day - It was like, when you have a boyfriend you really love, but you know he is just not right - and you must be done with him, you hate to let go, but you have to.  Well that is what it was with my truck - so in love - but too many things happened this fall, I had to get a vehicle that could hold more people - so I have a new Rav4 - its red.  Hope you are all in a safe, warm place.  Happy Stitching.
My Truck !!!!!

Picture of what My new car looks like -


  1. Love your apple alphabet Mindy. You make nice progress on it. But of course I love the Garden Shed and it is growing. I haven't touched the Stable since Dec. 2. I am so ready to start working on it again this Monday. Great looking car.


  2. Love your stitching and your new car! Very nice. I like the red apples.

  3. nice stitching, I love the alphabet, congrats on your new car, happy stitching and driving. sunny kisses from Rio, Alice

  4. Oh what a nice new car! It has been a CRAZY JANUARY for sure and I am so ready for Spring! Love the Garden Shed - it is coming along nicely! Stay warm :)

  5. Oooh snazzy red SUV matches my little RED car!

    Yeah this winter has been BRUTAL and I'm ready for it to end already!

    Your stitching is looking great!

  6. Indeed it is crazy cold! Congrats on the new vehicle... I love red!


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