Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Here I am - SO

I have not been posting, or really doing much stitching at all. So yes of course, I have set new goals for 2014 - Stitch a little (Because I know it makes me feel great and is wonderful for the Stress Level) and Blog a little, cause it does wonders for my brain, and try to stay current on my blog reading.

I have finally, now that January is about half way through took some pictures of my December 2013, 2014 stitching.

I have taken time to re-organize and divided my projects into three groups.  1. The WIPS I will never finish, and have to desire to anyway.  The time to stitch that project is long passed.
2. The WIPS from way back, I really do want to finish - even though my stitching preferences have changed, I still want to complete those projects as it does have a special place in my heart.
3.  The WIPS I have started not so long ago - because those I still have the urge to complete.

I do have three stick fast goals for 2014. 
1.  Work on Bothy Threads Cut Thru Garden Shed on Mondays.
2.  Try to complete (and finish to hang somewhere) 12 smalls.
3.  To finish my Lizzie Kate Snow Guys and Belles.

The Monday SAL latest picture is here.  I pulled that out and worked a bit last night.  The changes may seem minor but it was a wonderful feeling to pick this up again.  I double checked over at Deb's blog to make sure it was continuing in 2014 and it is!!!!!!  I am not joining any new SALs until I finish my Snow Guys and Belles. 

Cut Through Garden Shed - Monday SAL Latest Update


2013 Crazy Cross Stitch Challenge Current WIP
The next picture is My Coffee Shop's Lateste update. 

Very Old WIP - Selected to finish in 2014

Precious Moments - Very Old WIP - Started 1990 Maybe - Selected to Finish in 2014. 
The last three -Coffee Shop and the Apple Sampler and my Precious Moments, well those are charts I have actually worked on over the past two months - and these are the most updated pictures. My Precious is sideways, I will make sure he is sitting up straight my next update.  These are three projects I am so very close to finishing, which is why I started to work on these first.  I know some people can have so many WIPS and not get flustered.  I have decided, I am not one of those.

I am seriously going to try to limit my "New Starts" to my Smalls - ornaments - unless I finish a larger project.  Only because that is what is GOOD for Me.

Hope to blog more, read more blogs and stitch more in the upcoming months...


  1. I'm so happy to see the Garden Shed again Mindy. I will also add it to my SAL page. Love all the other projects that your working on now.


  2. Hi Mindy, you have great goals for this year! I added your Garden Shed pic to the SAL page. I see you stitched more of the wall background. What a good idea to organize your WIPs into very old and recent and too old to care! I'm looking forward to watching your progress this year!

  3. Good luck with your 2014 goals your stitching looks great!

  4. Your WIPs look good. So which ones won't you ever finish?

    1. I have several Very Large Projects I started - you know those that are 400 x 400 stitches - solid stitching and 100 color changes. so much stitching, no finishing, and I was starting to really not have fun anymore. I just look at projects now and I don't start them if I think they may be a UFO 4Ever.


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