Thursday, May 2, 2013

SAL - Unfinished Snow Belle

May 1, 2013 Snow Belle Ice Queen
This unfinished Belle is the story of my stitching this past month.  Not enough time for stitching or blogging - work was crazy and it just seemed I was too tired.  This is my snow SAL hosted by Denise over at RiversideStitching.

HOWEVER, here's to May full of x's.

As you can see, I will be needing some creative stitching to make this work out as one large project, as I mis counted and do not have quite enough space to place another picture in the space between the Queen, and Baby - so it will be a real surprise as to what I put in there... But by next month I hope to be back on track with the Queen completed, my next choice completed, and this little space filled.

We are having some wonderful amazing weather here.  Baseball - Little League is in full force, I have three grandkids playing, and of course Basketball never ends for my one grandson.

The girls are moving home from college - They are both too old to still be in college, but all of my children it seems are on a six year plan.  Glad they are not my loans.

Took my first YOGA class last Saturday - that adventure deserves a post in itself.  But I must say I did have a wonderful time, and due to the pressure and craziness of my job of late, I think it is a great choice for me.

I have joined (and will be starting next Monday) a brand new chart, new designer, new SAL.
 Over at Debbie's Crossstich, there is a Bothy Threads Cut Thru SAL - we stitch on Mondays
This is my choice - the Garden Shed.  This reminds me of my mom - and the shed we always had in the back yard.  The random crazy stuff, inside and out.  I had a very tough time picking out this design, there were several I really liked.  I have gathered all the materials needed, I did use some fabric I already have, and dmc thread.


  1. Great progress on your snow people. Looking forward to seeing your start on the Garden Shed.


  2. great cut thru design, look forward to watching you stitch this up.

  3. Your snowpeople look'll figure something out for that space.

    My boy is leaving this fall for the first time...senior this semester. He's taking 18 hrs!

  4. Your snow belles are looking great, but I am sorry to hear you miscounted. Not fun. I can't wait to see you put in the space :)

  5. I'm sure your Snow Belles will turn out great! Maybe stitch one a little skinnier! I'm looking forward to your Garden Shed progress!

  6. The same here - not much time for blogging and blog reading during the last month. But it will be better this month.
    Nice progress on your SAL piece. And The Garden Shed is a wonderful choice. I just love this design.

  7. Love the Garden Shed, looks like a fun stitch! I am sure you will find something to stitch in the empty space! The Belles look good anyway!

  8. Your LK piece is adorabl

    Good luck on your new WIP.


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