Monday, April 1, 2013

Fat Guys SAL April 1

Here is  my latest update on my Snow buddy SAL.  How fast the time is going.  Five months already.  Some day I will get a better picture.  I am very happy I am keeping up.

Very little stitching this week - between the NCAA basketball tournament and Easter - what a week.  Hats off to Syracuse for making it to the FINAL FOUR... This is a reallly big deal in the College Basketball World and I am so excited for the team.

April Fools  Day - Opening Day for Baseball.  This is my favorite.  Yes I am a sports junky - But there is nothing better than Baseball.  And yes I am a New York girl, born and raised a Yankee fan.  I will try not to blog too much about Baseball. 

The snow has melted and the mud has arrived.  This is the worse time of the year for me in Central New York.  Spring is cold and wet and dark.  We started the day with rain, and snow in the afternoon. UGH.  I hate to admit it but the weather affects my mood but when it is just above freezing so it rains insteads of snow - it is just irritating.....  But never fear, tonight we will have snow.....


  1. Your snowbuddies look adorable.

    I'm not much of a sports fan so I didn't know it was opening day. I did pull April Fool's on the BF, though.

    I texted him that I fell down the basement stairs and sprained my ankle. He texted me asking if I was hurt and before I could answer he texted me again saying he was on his way as soon as he got dressed. He didn't think it was too funny (I did, lol) because he says his biggest fear is me falling and hurting myself... I have a history of clumsy, lol.

  2. I do so love this design - looks lovely :)

  3. Your snowmen are looking great!

  4. Your Snow buddies look great! Five squares in five months!

    Yeah, opening day for baseball! Our Angels won their first game 3-1, in the 13th inning! Whew! It was tied 1-1 for so long. Nobody wants to lose the first game on opening day!

  5. These snowmen are so cute! Great job :)

  6. Love the Snowman! I was just telling someone last night that I need to start those and the Belle's. I think we need MORE STITCHING TIME!

  7. Your 6 Fat Men is looking great. I need to get a move on with mine now the light is better of an evening.

  8. Looks great and a lot of fun!!


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