Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Ornament and More

As promised - my Not Christmas Green or Christmas Red Ornament.  I really have to try to finish one of these before too long.  The stitching is the easy part.

If you get a moment, please check out Stitching Lotus to enjoy the variety of ornaments and blogs taking part in this Ornament of the Month SAL. 

March 2013 Ornament
The CrossStitcher Magazine

Dog Blessing January 2013
Dog Blessing March 2013
Next up, my Dog Blessing from Stoney Creek.  This is part of my Crazy 2013 Challenge, and this is my before.  And below is how it looks right now.  This is a fun stitch, and I think I will pick it up again very soon.  This is one of those I have had on my TODO list for awhile.  Sunday was the anniversary of the day my Dog arrived at my house.  She is a rescue and is a wonderful addition to my home.  I have had her for five years now.
Dakota Keeping Watch

And this is my newest Purchase. Don't you JUST LOVE IT.
It is a Faithminder.  This is handmade, by Faith, over at Faithfullly Stitching.  Check out the link to see all of her wonderful "Faith Minders".  This came at the best time, two days after I ordered it - SO QUICKLY and right after I lost two needles in like a half hour.  As you can see it is a beautiful shade of Orange, my favorite color - but Faith has several to choose from.   

Faith Minder


  1. Pretty stitching! Cute dog too. Thanks for the info about the Faith Minder!

  2. What a pretty Christmas tree ornament! You've made great progress on Dog Blessing and your dog Dakota is beautiful!

  3. Your little Christmas tree is lovely. Well done!

  4. I love Dakota and all your stitching. So glad you love your Faithful Minder and thanks for the mention :)


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