Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Update

Once again we have been blessed, and the weather has been gentle to the city of Syracuse.  Not far to the North and East, the people were really dumped on - we only got about 8 inches here, and the roads were clear  by 7:30 Saturday morning and I had dug out the truck.  It did take me quite awhile to get her out of the snow, and even with my 4 wheel drive, I had some trouble, but we really were lucky in the city.  My thoughts have been with others though, along the East Coast, buried and had power outages. 

Stitching this week. My before and after of Coffee Shop. 

And I am very happy to say I completed, Its Winter this weekend.  I had a stitching weekend, and had a finish.  This is the first time I ever remember adding a bead or anything to a finish - this one has the snowflake, and it was like a rush as I sewed it on. 



  1. Hello

    Lovely finish, the snowflake is the perfect thing!
    Coffee Shop is looking great too!
    Hope you have a good week.

  2. Congrats on your finish, looks great!! How wonderful to have a stitching weekend!
    Hope the weather gets better soon, I've seen some pictures of horrible snow piles!!

  3. Congrats on your finish! It is a lovely pattern :)

  4. Great progress on Coffee Shop and congrats on your finish! It turned out great :)

  5. Love the gingerbread cookies! Congrats on a wonderful finish. You've made great progress on Coffee Shop in just a week!

  6. I know just how you felt sewing on that snowflake, a fabulous finish.


  7. Congrats on your finish! Looks so cute.


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