Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow People February Update

February Update

It is surprising to me that I have been able to stay on track with my Snow people SAL, but I am really having fun stitching these guys.  Fingers Crossed I will be able to keep up. 

This is the very tiny ornament I did for my 2013 Ornament SAL.  I did start this as one of my Crazy Cross Stitch 15.  I should have posted on 1/30, so hope it is not too late.  I have one goal for 2013, and that is to finish off all my ornaments and hang them on the tree..... Fingers Crossed.

Town of Halloween January Update
My job is easier, but still as crazy, I am figuring out the new boss, one day at a time - but I still have those ten hour days, so this has been a great stitch - as there are only two colors and it seems to go faster, and it just is more relaxing for me.

I have put her away for now, and I am  not sure what I will be stitching next, but hope to keep some extra time this weekend for stitching.  I have work tomorrow, and wedding stuff as my daughter is getting married in August, and there seems every weekend there is something to do.

Super Bowl Sunday - as I don't care who really wins, I hope it is a well played game and it stays exciting to the end. 

It was a crazy week here weather wise - for you guys too?  We had 62 on Wednesday and a blizzard with lots of snow today. 

Had a eye opening experience this week at the Car Dealer - took the trunk in for Oil change, and as I was sitting in the waiting area with others, I was shocked to overhear so many people's phone conversations.  My goodness, I know all about one persons Commission checks and sales reports, another persons kids, and another persons deadlines at work.  Made me think a little, I wonder just how many people I have shared my personal business with???

Stay warm and safe.


  1. Hello

    Lovely stitching!

  2. The snow men look great, well done!!

    So good to read the job is getting better ;-) I know the feeling. phones....they are so handy for emergencies and such, but today people make those personal calls in the public area, where they used to make them at can be highly entertaining that's for sure!!
    But think about the internet..

  3. Love the snowmen! They look amazing! You make me smile - all those phone calls that no thinks anyone hears. We hear way too much! But, then again, my daughter posts everything (and I do mean everything) to facebook. Over share!

  4. Are you stitching the Fat Guys and Snow Belles all together on one piece of fabric? Your mitten ornament is really cute!

    1. Debbie, Yes it is my goal to do the Belles and Men on one fabric, I joined a SAL with Denise - this is her blog, It has been great fun so far.

  5. You took your trunk in? What about the rest of the vehicle? ;-) I have heard many a conversation in public. People aren't very discreet, are they? I don't have phone conversations about personal business in public.

    Your stitching looks great. The snowmen are adorable!

    1. Meari, and the crazy thing is, I don't even have a TRUNK!!!. Serioiusly I need to proof read.


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