Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Update

Celtic Beauty, Fabric Changed

Celtic Beauty - Papillion Creations
So Far this year, I have tried to pick one of my Crazy 15, in 15 to work on each week - and I never know what one I choose, just pick.  Keeping in mind, I have two Monthly Goals - One Ornament and My Snow Guys/Belles Snowman.  This is my first update of Celtic, and I switched the fabric. I had started it with two over one, on 28 ct fabric.  I really did not like how it looked - so I switched - I am not sure of the count of this but it is about 22 - or maybe 20 - it is just so much easier for me to stitch this project on.  I also had started too far to the left - and since I had to FROG - I decided it was a great time to switch the fabric., and I am using 1 thread over 1. I like it. And Isn't that the deal. 
That is the truth - I have to like it - and I am reminded I have to Stitch my Stitch - and I take ideas, and suggestions from everyone - as everyone is amazingly helpful and I love all comments and have learned more about stitching from my blog... But in the end, it is my stitch. And I know you all will agree.  That's what I love about blogging.
I have such a long story to tell about my favorite LNS - Stitcher's Garden - but that will all be in my next post with my new stash - because can you think of a better place for me to spend a little bit of President's day - and hand over a "few" Presidents.... 


  1. Hello

    Your stitching looks lovely and I agree that if you are to enjoy the project you need to use a fabric you like!

  2. Despite the re-start it looks great!!!

  3. One over one on 20-22ct looks really good. Glad you're enjoying the project.

  4. It's great that you restarted on fabric that makes you happy to stitch on it. That's a beautiful design!

  5. It looks great, I love the sparkles!!

  6. I like the new fabric, it makes the blue look a little more richer. And stitching is just as much about enjoying the creation of a new project, as it is about how it looks done.


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