Monday, January 28, 2013

More of the 15

I have decided I need to purchase a camera - I just do not like the pictures I get from my phone, it seems I spend too much time editing them.  I bet I can make some sort of adjustments on the phone and on my lighting to make a wonderful difference - but maybe my phone is a phone, and I should just get a camera. Thoughts? I gave my digital to my daughter-in-law, with the thought I would buy a new one for me - but I have kept putting it off and I think it has become a must...

So the weight lose is so far - two weeks been successful.  I celebrate very move down, no matter how small - so I have had two weeks of celebrations - very small but I am celebrating.  Thanks for all your encouragment.

Work is still crazy go nuts...

Stitching - you will quickly notice why I want a camera....

Town of Halloween

Day 8 JCS Town of Halloween

Day 9 I Love Coffee
Day 10 Celtic Beauty

Day 11 Bear Under the Tree
This is a Stoney Creek - Day 12, it looks like I stitched nothing, but there is about 50 stitches

Day 13 - Touched by Autumn. 
Day 14, this is a Wedding Sampler - Joan Elliot, I must take another picture

My 15th day I worked on my Belles and Guys - and I will show that off on the 31st.  I have no scheduled rotation - and I probably won't - and there are several of my left over starts from 2012 I believe will be more of a priority.

So I do know after all of this - I don't mind a few wips - but now I have too many. (Well for me).  But I had to try.  And I do like the fact I went through my stash, and fell back in love with several charts I had forgot about - and reminded myself, I can be quiet happy doing all sorts of charts, from several different designers, all different sizes and different levels of difficulty... 

Off to read some blogs.  Hope you are all in a peaceful place


  1. All your projects are looking good so far. I agree that sometimes you have to go back through your stash and remember why you fell in love with them in the first place. I also like to work on a variety of projects from different designers, with all different stitch counts and levels of difficulty, some with beading some without, using all different types of fabric. Keeps me from getting bored, and I'm far more likely to finish things that way!

  2. Love the rest of your new starts. I love going thru my stash too - it is funny how you find "new" stuff in there!

  3. Sadly phones sometimes just don't cut it! It probably wouldn't hurt to get a new digital camera if its in the budget and really they're quite inexpensive these days.

    Your WIPs are all great!

    Congrats for moving down on the scale. It was going the wrong direction for me for a few weeks now but finally moved last week. I hope I can keep on that trend!

  4. Hello

    My phone pictures come out terrible!
    Lovely stitching!

  5. You have some great starts! I like the Teddy Bear Under the Tree. I also have Let's Do Coffee in my list to do, but I don't have the chart yet!

  6. Well done with your progress on your diet. There are los of good pocket sized cameras out there but you could also consider upgrading your phone to one that has a better built on camera.


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