Monday, January 21, 2013

Finally, A Day off

New Boss at work, been a tough month or two figuring out how she wants us to do our jobs.  It has been difficult for me to adjust - but I think I am on an upward climb. I have changed my hours to work at 6:30am - this way I will have two hours before anyone else arrives. I hope to be able to accomplish a lot - will get out early, but even if I have to work late - my late will be 5:30 so it will be better I hope.

I have been off, started back at my weight loss program - I know this is a stitching blog, but it is good for me to post these things - I have gained back 25 pounds - work so hard to lose, so quickly it returns.  I have my first weigh in back tonight - so fingers crossed, I can see a tiny result... Changing my hours I hope will get me to the gym.

Stitching.  Well, doing 15 starts in 15 days was not as easy as I thought - it was fun to go through my stash and pick new starts, and I was so excited to each one, but almost sad to put it down and pick up another with only a days progress.  Also only working an hour on a chart, well I can't get that much done in a hour.  So I am posting a few starts now, and I hope when I return from my weigh, I will post more.

This did not have to be new starts - it could also be current.  But I will show you new first, and create a little gadget on the side of the blog to track my progress on all.  I previously posted day #1.

Coffee Shop Day 2, yes that is my hand taking this picture, I have to figure out my lighting.  There is a better picture of my new starts on my Page dedicated to my 2013 New Starts. 

Day 3 - Dog Bone Wisdom
Day 4 Witch's Pantry
Day 5 Irish Blessing
Day 6 Small Ornament from Mag - I found this mitten as part of a fingertips towel design, there are six mittens altogether, I am stitching all six individually and adding a bit of Christmas blessing to the bottom.  So this is a finish as is.  I will update my 2013 page with these pictures.
Day 7 This is Theatre of the Absurd.  This is the 2013 Freebie SAL from HAED.
Will have an update of the rest I hope later tonight. 


  1. 15 new starts in 15 days is a lot to do... I did it last year and you are so right; it is sad to only be able to stitch an hour on it and then put it down again. I do love your new starts though! I love Coffee Shop. Good luck with your weigh in; it is a constant struggle/battle for me too.

  2. Nice starts!! I understand how you feel to start on a new project & to have to leave it for an other one the next day... Don't worry, you get back to work on them all soon :)
    Fingers crossed & good luck for your weigh in. My scale is so not my best friend at the moment :D

  3. You've got a lot of nice starts! I'm embarking on the weight loss adventure too -- more salads and treadmill for me!

  4. Good luck with the weight loss, I had my first weigh in on Saturday and lost 3lbs - but a long way to go yet!

  5. Wow, you've been so busy. I love your new starts, especially the Irish Blessing. Very much looking forward to seeing your work on these this year. I wish you good luck with your weight loss. I'm struggling with that myself and it isn't easy!

  6. That's a great idea to get to work early. It sure is fun to start a new one every day. Your mitten came out so cute, can't wait to see more!

  7. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your starts are looking great!

  8. Good luck on the weight loss. Seems tougher the older we get, doesn't it?

    Have fun with the challenge. That's one I've never participated in.

    Glad to hear work is getting better.


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