Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Tree has arrived

I forgot on yesterday's blog to share a blessing,  I can't imagine how I could have overlooked that, as I made such a big deal about it in the first place....

SO  my Wednesday blessing was to have met and found new and fascinating friends that stitch through SALS.  and Blogging. Now just how could I forget to mention that.

Earlier this week the annual raising of the Christmas Tree in our city happened.  It will not be lit to the day after Thanksgiving, but every year it is a big thing when the tree arrives. 

Clinton Square dead center right where the reflections in the water start is where the tree goes, in the winter this area where the water is becomes an outdoor skating rink, which is wonderful for lunchtime entertainment. 

My building Chase Tower, One Lincoln Center faces out on the same street as the Christmas Tree.  If you look at the top of the building it has very tiny little windows - this is where I am - we are on a floor you can't get to from the main elevators (there is a "secret elevator that goes to my floor), and it is an 18 story building  - but it has no 13th floor.  So it is sort of wacked... I work in the Tech Dept of the Law Firm.  ANYWAY I actually ride main elevators to the 18th floor (which is really floor17) and then take the stairway up a level.

My blessing for the day - is my City.  I love Syracuse New York.  We moved here when I was 13, and I have never felt any desire to leave. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us!!! This Christmas Tree is HUGE. Have a lovely day!!!

  2. What a huge, gorgeous tree!!! Wow, we only live about a 3 hour drive apart!

  3. Wow, that's such a lovely tree! We have a big pine tree in our yard, maybe I should decorate it for Christmas! :D

  4. fabulous how they decorate that tree isn't it? and skating as well! I would be in heaven ... :)

  5. Clinton Square looks awesome. What a BIG tree!


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