Friday, November 9, 2012

Sick Day

So I got the flu, I did not have the flu shot, and wouldn't you know it, I got the flu.  Did not go to work today, instead went to the Doctors.  1 hour and half at the doctors office, which I guess is not that bad, then another hour of course to pick up the prescriptions, I have something in the lungs, so there is antibiotics and an inhaler.  And the doctor told me to make sure I wear a hat.  No doctor has ever said that before, so I did think that was a little interesting. 
Stitching Update

Winter - Sue Hillis, update.  Sorry the picture is so dark.  Also worked on my Snow Friends (SAL) but I will not be showing those pictures until December 1
 Mail Received
Final Thread for my Witches Pantry, Cyndi, Beach Cottage Stitchers, when I ordered my Witch's Pantry, she was short one thread, so sent it off to me and received yesterday.  Do you know what was very nice - the hand written note, from the owner, wishing me luck on my stitching, and making sure we were all okay here because of Sandy... Some special Customer Service for sure.

My order from 123Stitch also arrived.  I can't say I have any one favorite Needlework Store.  I do try to buy local, but sometimes the online deals are hard to pass up.  I needed one more Fat Guy for my Collage, and because I never can order just one, I also purchased this great One Color Design.  Reminds me of my daughter, she is a Teddy Bear Lover. 

And this is Cleveland, my wonderful cat.  He is keeping me company while I am sick.  Most of the time Dakota is with us.

Time for me to take my meds and I am very tired.  Enjoy


  1. Awww hope you get better soon!! I just got over mine after 2 weeks being on & off... Hat is a good idea you know & you'll look fab with a nice comfy wooly hat!! Love gifts & great stitiching, Mii xx

  2. Don't know if a hat will prevent a cold or the flu but it will keep body heat from escaping through the top of your head. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I hope you get well quickly! I practically live in sock hats in cold weather but never had a doctor recommend one! Furry sick-buddies are great comforts. :D

  4. Boooo on the flu. I hope you're feeling better and enjoying the new stash. :)

  5. Hope you feel better soon!
    Hats are in fashion right now so lots of choices :-)


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