Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reading and Stitching

What else to do when you are feeling under the weather.  Read a little, Stitch a little, Read a little.

I am currently reading two books - Games of Thrones, and Shadow of Night.

It is very easy for me to lose myself in any book, and buy in to whatever the Author is writing about.  I can believe in Witches, and Dragons, Aliens, and Time Travel.    I believe Scarlett gets Rhett back, the Wicked Witch was really not so wicked, Jack Ryan can always save America, there really is A Time to Kill.   This is a true blessing, because I believe every once in awhile it is a great thing to drift over to another world.

My mom was a book lover, we had a library in our home.  Shelves and Shelves of books, and when she was upset with our behavior we would have to dust those books.....A Saturday of dusting books, now why couldn't I get sent to my room like all the other kids????

My mom was also a crafter, and it was a struggle to teach me - as she is a righty and me a lefty and I do many things upside down, but she shared that love of crafting with me, to knit, crochet, and embroider. 

I am blessed to have been raised by a woman who made sure I became an independent thinking, free of prejudices, reading, crafting, sports loving lady. 

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  1. I'm jealous of anyone who has a library in their house! I have quite a collection of books with a goal of eventually having a special room where I can lose myself entirely. :D You are very blessed to be so open-minded!


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