Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday, Saturday

So what's the plan - we must have a plan, its Saturday.  Nope.  Been fighting a cold and today I am fighting it home, and drinking some tea, and resting.  A little Syracuse University Football around Noon, a little catching up on my soap - General Hospital, and yes I am addicted to a soap, so sad.

Have you ever tried to list all the things you may learn from reading other blogs.  Yesterday I learned all about Sharkfin Soup from SamplersSilksandLinens.  And how great it would be to live in Cobourg, located in Southern Ontario from Bonnies World  It is such a big and wonderful world, and I know only a small little part of it... 

I have learned so many things, from so many bloggers - will be sharing them also during my November Challenge to post every day.

My biggest blessing - really my number 1 blessing, is my kids.  I was so lucky to be blessed with the gift, of bringing six new people into this world, with fingers crossed will make it a better place to live in some way or change someone life to the positive.  They are 2 boys, 37, 35 and 4 girls 29,7,24,23.

Now why may you ask did I mention my job first - because of my job, these kids had a place to lay their heads at night - something to eat every day - even if it was Ramen Noodles - and 90% of the time the lights were on, and we had a phone (back in the days of land lines) and more often than not cable.  And I think because my kids saw me work hard, they all have worked hard - with degrees from different colleges/universities - I have inner city school teachers, social worker, university student advisor,  and I know they will change the lives of many... 

And just a little note on that - I have survived their middle school years, and all the drama high school brings, and the expense of college - well because I am a Cross Stitcher - and a runner - and a life time Weight Watcher,  these things,  can take you to a Very Special place, that is all about you.

Enjoy the day. 


  1. Okay we have too much in common! I love stitching, I love blogging and reading blogs, I've learnt so much!

    I am a runner and a WW lifetime member (though I've gained back more weight than I'd like and I'm back to weekly meetings).

    1. I was sure of it, us having much in common, especially after your Madonna Concert...

  2. I did not realize you had kids close to my age! And wow... 6 of them. Hey, there's nothing wrong with Ramen Noodles -- I grew up on them too (along with box Mac & Cheese). I *still* love Ramen Noodles, lol. I just don't put the entire packet of seasoning in now. Boxed Mac & Cheese I'll pass on, though.

    1. My kids still eat them - it is a College Dorm Room must. Its tough to say my kids ages out loud, I still think I am 35.


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