Friday, November 2, 2012


Having great difficulty of late ignoring a challenge.  This is not a new problem for me, pretty typical, of my personality.  So the challenge to blog once a day for the month of November, I read about first in Dani's blog - well it was just one I had to take.  Now the thing about me and challenges, I am not interested if it is in competition with someone else, but when it is all about me - well you know that is right on time.

Enough already about the challenge.  Well one more thing, being I am in the U.S. and this is the month of our Thanksgiving, I figured I would end every post this month sharing one of my blessings with my readers. 

Don't know if you remember this little piece, I had started in the Summer, and then I lost it.  It has been found.  So this month while I am working on my Fat Men and Snow Belles SAL (see top left of blog for links to blogs of those stitching with me, and updates 1st of every month)

I am also going to try to get in a little stitching on this piece.   I would love it to be finished before December 1st too.  We will see.

So that's about it - well but the best for last - My blessing of the Day - A JOB.. I have worked the past 34 years for a Law Firm - Started in the Accounting Department/then to Technology/now eDiscovery.  I am so blessed to have a job I totally love,  my whole adult life.  Being a single mom for over 20 of those years, this was a must have for me.  I am so Blessed.


  1. first of all, love the header! also i replied to your comment on my blog. That is great news that you love your job and you are a strong women to be a single mum, work full time and fight off men for twenty odd years! hugs, Amanda

  2. Good luck with NaBloPoMo! I hope to complete it as well. Last year I did... year before was a fail lol

  3. What a wonderful thing to have had a job you love for so long! So many don't have jobs at all, so those of us that do must be extra thankful. I think it's a great idea to post a little blessing each day. I look forward to reading them :)


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