Monday, November 19, 2012

Bite off more than you can chew

There are so many different SALs and other "Join this Group" starting now.  It is so difficult for me, not to join a million different ones. 

I have 4.  I hope to make a page for each one - I figure if i can keep the blog organized, I will keep my stitching organized.

1 - Snow belles and Fat Men - as one Project - Brought to you by Denise at Riverside Stitching

2 - Santa's Village - Organized by Melissa at St. John's Stitcher via  Facebook Group

3 - Crossstich Crazy 2013 - Facebook Group

4 - Heaven and Earth Designs 2013 Freebie Sal - Theatre of the Absurd

This will be a lot of stitching in 2013, and I know I will not get through the year with out starting other projects - or working on projects started long ago.  I am looking forward to these challenges. 

My first blog post will be December 1 for Snow Belles and Fat Men. 

But I do believe this is enough stitching for me.  I do get a rush out of finishing things- which is equal to the joy of new starts - so as tempting as it is, to only to Extra Large projects, or have 100 new starts - or try to complete every New Monthly Series that comes along, I am telling myself to find that happy medium.

There is another SAL - YOTA, started by Pull the Other Thread, which is more of a motivational SAL, to help us complete those we have started.  Which is another good idea - because it is about finishing some things. 

It is a wonderful world - Cross Stitching.

I am blessed to believe in me and my ability to stitch all these wonderful projects next year and not get over whelmed


  1. Wow - you are going to be one busy stitching woman in 2013! Can't wait to see what you get accomplished this next year.

  2. Thanks for the YOTA info, I have signed up too! Are you going to put all 12 of the LK Snow People on one piece of fabric? I would love to see how that is going to look!

  3. Thank you for all the links! I'm not stitching Santa's Village next year, but there is also a blog for this one:

  4. I am doing the YOTA too, I am hoping it will help me get plenty done on those long overdue wips :)

    You have done very well to limit yourself to four,I have ten on my list already! :S

  5. I believe in you too!!!

    We are both working on Absurd for the HAED SAL so we can encourage each other. It will be fun.

    Good luck with all your SALs!
    Alicia xo

  6. Good luck and have lots of fun!!
    My only goal will be to finish Train of Dreams and go from there, see what I like to do at that point. It will be fun to follow you!


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