CrazyCrossStitch 2013

Celtic Beauty - Papillion Creations New 2013 Start.  I have never done a design like this one, it will be something new and interesting. 
Touching the Autumn Sky - Mirabilia

6 Fat Men - Lizzie Kate
6 Snow Belles - Lizzie Kate
This is my 2013 SAL we will be doing all of them in one wonderful piece.  Very excited for this one - It will begin in 2012, so it will be a WIP as of 1/1/2013

This I will be doing for my daughter, she is an amazing baker and I am going to give this to her as a gift and I know SHE WILL LOVE IT.  COMPLETED
Stoney Creek - This house is blessed with Family Friends Love Laughter and a Dog - Pretty much sums up the home for sure.  I doubt I will s have this $$$ to frame it as sharp as it looks in the picture, but it is a chart I know I will love doing.  COMPLETED

This is from one of my magazines - Will update this page with the answer - this has great colors and it looks sort of washed out here, I am choosing to do this on 16 AIDA.  It is a must for me, I use up some of my fabric and floss I have on hand.  My kids are worried they are going to have to call the TV Show Hoarders so I will clean out some stuff, so I am really making an effort in 2013 to use stuff I already have. COMPLETED
SamSarah Design Studios. Witches Pantry.  This I am doing with an Automatic Mailing from Beach Cottage Stitchers, I am getting one Part each month - Even though I will be receiving these in 2012, I am holding off stitching on this one until 2013
Leisure Arts - Woodland Sampler - this is from a very old, like '90s sometime magazine.  This has been on my todo list forever, I am doing this on Black Luguna 25 ct and it is going to be with a crazy blue thread  COMPLETED
Santa's Village SAL One A Month, I will be stitching these on one piece of fabric, I have changed my mind, I am doing these individually - I would like to be able to hang some around the house next year, as a finish -- and i don't believe with my other commitments I will get all 12 finished this year.  So I am working this one at a time. COMPLETED

Keepsake Calendar C-S&N 2011 COMPLETED
The Town of Halloween Just Cross Stitch  COMPLETED 
I can retake this picture later but for now,  I can't get it to stand up straight. This I am doing with Christmas Green Silk thread.  Well it's not called Christmas green - it is a DMC shade.COMPLETED

Stoney Creek, Love you Mom - COMPLETED

My 3 favorite things about Christmas, Santa, Snowmen and Gingerbread COMPLETED

Chatelaine - Med. Mandala This is a current WIP. I would like to make some progress on it in 2013, I have completed just the very tiny square in the very center. I am picking only one Chatelaine - that doesn't mean I won't work on others, they will just not be a focus


  1. You have great choices for 2013! I haven't decided on mine yet. Did you know about the SAL blog for CCN Santa's Village?

  2. Hi Melinda! These are some gorgeous projects. You know, I have that Young Designs' "Winter in the Forest" pattern, reminded me of the area around my parents' home when I was young. (I have the spring and autumn designs that are part of the set, too - for similar reasons. I never really liked the summer one, it was farm-themed and that didn't call me to the way the other seasonal ones did!)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.