Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Work until Tuesday

But so much to do.I am lucky, I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner and my family is happy about it.  I am really a terrible cook - the only thing I can do correctly is the Turkey - but forget the rest, so my kids are taking over. Well I also make a breakfast in the Crock Pot -and pies - so the kids come over for breakfast and pie - then they all go home - and I travel around to their houses - eating like three times. 

  I do have to make my special Snacks - family recipe passed down from my mom - it is a fun snack mix, I make it, my sister, my brother - and we all use the same recipe, but they all taste different... It has curry and garlic in it - so the smell of them cooking is vivid, and it only comes once a year - you only make them at Thanksgiving - Christmas, it marks the beginning of the season.

 Tomorrow I am off to the craft store - I have to get the materials for Grandkid craft day - even though I do have a bin full of things, but need to pick up a few things.

Instead of shopping on Black Friday - I take all the grandkids for the day, so their parents can shop, and we do Crafts for Christmas.  It is a wonderful tradition we do - the first of the Christmas season.  Some of the kids will then go to the Christmas Tree Lighting in Clinton Square.  Not me.  I will start to decorate for Christmas - I can't wait to put up the Christmas, and take down the Fall.

Lots of pictures coming soon

So blessed the window on the Truck is fixed - the wonderful repair man cleaned the inside of my truck WOW...  So blessed to have so many Christmas Family traditions and the season is starting soon


  1. Just came across your blog and am looking forward to follow your stitching journey.Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter, family, friends, and good food.

  2. oh good i am happy to hear that you are finally getting that window fixed so you can put that nasty incident behind you - sounds like you are busy, have a great thanksgiving - hugs, Amanda

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful tradition to make Christmas crafts with your grandkids!


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