Monday, June 4, 2012


Seriously me, I am a winner.. Thank you Thank you Thank you Fabulous Frogger you are so generous. And I am so lucky.

I will be starting this before end of month. This is my birthday month, I was planning a new start, and now I know the perfect one.

When you are really so happy, why does Thank you just not sound good enough... As the kids say it sounds sort of lame.  But this is a 5 star event for sure.

Also the concert this weekend was slammin!!!!!!

It is rainy here for my day off, perfect day for Spring Cleaning - but that is not happening, I have decided to treat myself to a movie Snow White and the Huntsman to celebrate my winning....

Finished Game of Thrones Book 2 Clash of Kings this weekend, downloaded to Nook Storm of Swords  But seriously I have to get away from those Seven Kingdoms.  I am to addicted, and each book seems to draw me in more and more...

Just going to be a great day......

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