Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Cross Stitch Update

This is where I finished off the week with Fancy Dancing.  So excited because I reached and past the half way point of the top row, which doesn't mean a whole lot, but heck , you got to celebrate each milestone, no matter how small - baby steps or big steps, doesn't matter which - I will still get there.

I left my other project at the grandkids house, Winter, so I do not have a picture, but will post.  As it was MIA all week, did about 100 stitches on the weekend.  Once again Baby Steps are cool.

This week I am working again on Forbidden Door, and will only be working on this chart, unless I finish pg 1.  If I am successful at that, will share early, and my new wip.

This weekend great concert planned, Lady Antebellum with Darius Rucker and Thompson Square.  And we all know it is Darius I am off to see - at least once a year I am lucky enough to go to one of his tickets.  Please cross your fingers he finishes with Purple Rain.

Monday off for Spring Cleaning.....

Happy Weekend. 


  1. ohhh...I LOVE Darius! I love Lady Antebellum too! Hope you have a great time!
    Definitely celebrate each milestone...they ALL count! Your stitching is beautiful, Melinda...Fancy Dancing has so much movement in it!

  2. Beautiful stitching! I love the HAED charts you have showing on the left side of your blog. Congrats on winning Lesli's giveaway. Another HAED for your stash!

    Enjoy the concert. :)



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