Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Cross Stitch Update

SK Forbidden Doorway
June 2012
So here is the update of Forbidden Doorway.  As you can see my goal of finishing pg 1 did not happen.  But I am not one who will ever live or die by my goals.  I always keep the goal, but extended the date.  It has worked well for me, but I have never been a rigid goal setter - which has helped minimize the stress in my life.

Unspoken Julie Fain
This upcoming week I am going to spend my HAED stitching time on Unspoken. The BB SAL this week, is the SWIP (slow WIP) and I have chosen this to work on.  I messed up setting my 2012 goals on the HAED BB.  I tried to pick fewer  WIPs and set large stitching goals, and I don't know why, because that so goes opposite of how I think. Because I am a serial WIP Stitcher.   And I have to learn how to be true to myself, and not try to follow too many others routines, because I am just going to be me, and I am too old to change.  Besides I really don't want to.  Am I rambling.  Yes.  But also clearing my mind.

I also am going to spend a little time working on my Santa.  Because it is just too close to being finished to be ignored any longer.  I still have not located my Winter from two weeks ago, and my son has not found it at his home.  As soon as I can find it, I will posted updated picture.

I am sure it must be in the house somewhere.  Now that it is Summer, and warm, I spend much less time stitching.  So we will see how the week goes.


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