Saturday, March 13, 2010

Theresa's 25th Birthday

What an amazing woman she has become. I am so proud of her. She has had troubles along the way, but has never lost sight of her goal. If she only knew how awesome she is - if she only knew how much we all love her. Well I am at work this Saturday morning - Parade day in Syracuse NY. The parade is not for me. Brittney needs hugs this week, down in Myrtle Beach - one year to late to help her - it is so very sad. Always my kids it seems one Day Late in so many things. But it is good for her to be playing softball this week. She knows her power there - or does she? Heather away from home - it will be strange without her. Pager starts next week. I am glad it comes once in 5 and I am glad for the break on life. Fund raising for Malik now. Crazy but true. Have not heard from Carmella yet, so the baby has not arrived. Any day now I bet. Kiesha is going to Florida. That will be nice for her and the kids. Missed NYC - more than I thought I would. Next year. There is always next year. I am so afraid the Vibe is on its last rolls. Inspection is due next month - but if it is way too much, it is not happening. I hate the thought of a car payment - but what else? Can it make it another month or two? Who drives a car now days that many miles - It has been a loved car. Well maybe we can make it to 170,000. Maybe I should start researching another type of car. Any suggestions? It would have to be SO affordable.

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