Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well I finally did catch all up to date with Lost - it has taken me awhile, but I am current. I know some people say it is way out there, but I am still enjoying the fantasy of it, and I don't mind the time travel, or the craziness of Jacob - Think it is extremely well written. Started watching Flash Forward - sort of reminds me of Lost - love seeing Penny and Charlie. Still can't figure out from Lost who really is my favorite.

The brackets for the NCAA's Basketball come out today. Still hoping we get a number 1 - but if not, I will take a number 2. There are no guarantees in the Tournament, so no matter where we fall in the bracets, I hope we come to play and play hard.

Babysitting for Ehren this afternoon. He is fun to hang out with. Dakota is missing Jabba. She really goes through withdrawal.

Next week I am on pager. My rotation changes, and I will be doing a "Summer" theme. I have an extremely old WIP - I did about ten stitches on it - but I will be pulling it out for the week. Waiting to hear news from Brittney in Myrtle Beach and Heather having fun in the city.

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