Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

Well SU lost today - after such a great season, to lose the first came in the Big East Tournament, well it was sad. But I think the fund raiser I suggested (pay $5.00 wear jeans and orange) went over well and we raised a bunch of money. The Pizza ran out and that is rather upsetting - some had to go without. At least we know we are getting into the NCAA's this year, no doubt about it.

Today was the last of my mass of March Meetings, subbing at Weight Watchers. It was okay for the meeting today, but I did not like how it played out. Have to do the meeting on Sunday for Karen as she will be out of town. That will be a hard one, she is an amazing leader and it will be hard to go in her place. Next week I am on call

Have to work as early as possible tomorrow - work is so busy, it seems I have no time for anything.

Heather is leaving tonight to go on a crazy trip for Spring Break - Brittney will be gone too, she is going to Myrtle Beach to play softball. Malik has made the 12 and under AAU Basketball team - how exciting a trip to LeBron's Basketball Camp awaits him this summer. Michael is very proud.

All the news for now.

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