Monday, June 5, 2017

It's June

This is a picture of my March Primitive Hare Retreat of the fully finished pieces.  I have finished all the stitching.  I have all the materials and great instructions on how to finish both these pieces, the wonderful little bag and the doll.  My goal is to have these both finished before October 2017.  The little pumpkin was Stars.  It was fun, but it took me quite a bit longer to stitch than if they were simple crosses.  

This is my progress on Music Among the Trees.,  I forgot the V in the 2nd alphabet.  Have to restitch the w and the x.  Not a major restitch project, but I am still annoyed with myself.  I believe this project will work great for the theme-tas-stitch sal, with a Garden theme - I have lots of trees in my garden.  The very light letters, you can see them in real life but this is a varigated thread and I think I should have stitched them all with the darkest color - to late now, will not be redoing that one.

Here is my amazing ORANGE hardanger project.  Current with the HAL.
One of these things is not like the others!
And guess what.  I am not doing this over again.
I am definitely enjoying this little project and am learning a lot about me and my stitching.  I have perfected the process of ripping out and starting over - and I am very sure I will be doing this again and it will not be orange,

As you can see, I am doing the tree for 12 days.  This will not be as bad as I imagined, Isn't that always the truth.


  1. Lots of lovely stitching, Melinda - I really like the light coloured letters - gives some variety and depth to the piece.

  2. Wonderful progress on all of your projects Melinda.


  3. I like that you chose to stitch the tree along with 12 Days. It is a very pretty pattern. The stars add an interesting texture to the pumpkin, though i'm not sure i'd have the patience to do them all.

  4. I love that pumpkin and think the stars look great. Plain Xs might have been boring!
    Shame about the frogs attacking. Hope they leave your Pear Tree alone!

  5. Nice to see your many projects, Melinda! That little pumpkin looks so neat with the star stitches...

    Happy June to you!

  6. Your hardanger looks amazing to me, I absolutely LOVE it!! The pumpkin looks great with the stars, makes it look much more interesting! Great stitching on everything Melinda.

  7. Such a lot of great stitching, Melinda. I just love your projects. Looking forward to seeing more of this Hardanger piece.

  8. Pretty stitching and progress Melinda.

  9. How wonderful to have such a relaxing place to visit :) I just love lakes--so much more than the beach. Have a wonderful summer filled with lake side visits!


  10. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely,i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.


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