Monday, May 15, 2017

Too many events, no time for stitching

This past week has been too crazy busy for me.  One Grandson with his Cello concert (the instrument is almost as big as him) and car repairs and another Grandson's Senior Prom.  Worked all day Saturday and Mother's Day Sunday - well what I am trying to point out here, is there was very little time for me to stitch.  So I worked on one project from the year of wips challenge. I actually restarted this on new fabric, that I love.
  This is my restart of Touching the Autumn Sky by Mirabilia.  Since I really do love this chart, I am so very happy I am back in love with stitching it.  It is amazing what the "right" fabric can do for my desire to stitch a project.

And in the World of Not Stitching.  Here is a picture of my oldest grandson and his date for the Senior Ball.

And this is a picture of me, a very proud grandmother, feeling very short.

Grandkids grow up faster than your own kids.  


  1. Great new start. Love the pic of you and your grandson.


  2. I absolutely agree about the fabric. I love the design too, it reminds me of Katy from What Katy Did when she was swinging higher and higher.
    Lovely photos of your handsome grandson and his two lovely dates!

  3. Love your restart... gorgeous fabric! What a gorgeous grandson :o) Lovely photo of you both as well :o)
    Hugs x

  4. I agree that grandkids grow up way too fast. Love your pictures, makes me miss my oldest grandson who turned 17 this year - not sure who that happened, he was just my little red headed devil who loved Best Buy with Grandpa and McDonalds with Aunt Sara.

  5. How wonderful that your grandchildren live nearby and you can take part in their activities... I hope your older grandson had a delightful time at the Senior Ball! No grandchildren for me yet, but I fear that when that time comes, they won't be nearby!

    Lovely stitching on a lovely fabric--it really can make all the difference!

  6. Oh, Melinda, your grandson is so very handsome. (And I love your stitching, too, of course!)

  7. Autumn Sky is going to be gorgeous Melinda!
    What a handsome grandson you have there with his gorgeous date. A cello is a tall instrument so I hope that grandson is going to be another tall one!

  8. Busy is good, right? Except for not being able to stitch! Autumn is gong to be beautiful.
    What a lovely pictures of your grandson, sweet one with you! So the longer I don't have grandchildren the younger I'll feel?!

  9. That fabric thing - who doesn't know it, lol. I also abandoned some pieces because the fabric wasn't right but that was way back in time. Now I only stitch on Zweigart fabric and it's so smooth and just perfect for me. I hope that you will find more time for your stitching from now on :)
    What a lovely picture showing you with your grandson. He is really tall, isn't he. No wonder that you are feeling short beside him, lol.

  10. Love the colours of Touching the Autumn Sky, really pretty.

  11. Your grandson looks very handsome, it's amazing how dressing up makes them look so much older! Touching the Autumn Sky is such a beautiful design, and I agree what a difference the right fabric makes!


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