Sunday, May 7, 2017

Raining for Three Days -- Snow forecast for this week

Seriously.  This messes with your mood.  Or at least it messes with mine.  However, I did take this as an opportunity to Spring Clean a tiny, tiny bit.

I rearranged the furniture and my cat is freaking out.

My stitching has bounced around this first week of May.  There is all this hubbub on FB because it is the month of Stitch Maynia.  I do believe, in some way, this has affected my May stitching so far.

I worked a little on Woneta - just the grass and the beginning of the Candy Corn.

Worked more on Music Among the Trees - I really do not like to stitch upwards.  I have reached the top with the A.
 Here is a very faded picture of how it should look when finished.  I really have to spend more time editing these photos.  Both of these pieces are part of my Year of Wips Challenge - both of these I would like to finish during this challenge

I have examined my WIP pile once again.   I tried to figured out why I never had the desire to finish these projects.  Two reasons - I discovered a mistake and would have to frog a great deal, or I did not like the fabric choice.  So I am actually re starting several of them.  

I do have a finish.  My project from the Spring A Stitchers Garden Retreat with the Primitive Hare. Here is my Wicked Doll.  This will be finished into a small bag - There is another piece, a small pumpkin all stitched in Algerian Stars.  This will be the apron for the Doll.  I hope to have both of these pieces Fully Finished before October 2017.
Two side notes  My sister (62) got married this week - long time partner.  She wants to retire early as her job is going to lose funding this year - you know our new administration, and she needs health care coverage - you know our new administration.  I am sure she will be very happy being married, But I know she was also very happy not being married.

And I have now only 4 months left to work.  I am hoping once I retire, I will finally have the time to figure out just who I really am.


  1. Lovely finish and nice progress on the others. Congrats to your sisters marriage.


    1. Thank you Linda. My Sister is very happy. I just can't get over it.

  2. Great work on Woneta and your Wicked Doll. I like the vintage look of the sampler too.
    At least your sister was able to get married! I cannot believe how many of my friends do not realise how financially unstable it is to merely live with someone.
    Good luck with your own retirement plans too. I am so happy only working part-time. You are right, it gives you time to find yourself again. My brain has so many good ideas now it's not full of work deadlines and pressures!

  3. Nice progress and great finish!

  4. Congratulations to your sister, I hope they have many happy years together ahead of them. I've been watching all the stitch Maynia posts also, but I just want to finish more of my WIP's instead of adding to them. Wicked Doll turned out nicely, what color did you use on her dress? It has a beautiful variegation to it.

  5. Woneta is looking fabulous! Congrats on your finish, hope you can get it on the bag by October :) I hope your sister has many happy years of marriage ahead of her and that you will both be happy with retirement.

  6. I hear you on the rain... I just got done looking outside at yet another gloomy, rainy day and shaking my head in disgust. Ugh!!! It's mid-May and our weather was better in February than it has been this month...

    Nice to see your stitching and the cute witch finish. And a big congratulations to your sister and to you--retirement is something to definitely look forward to. I'm thinking of the end of 2018, but with yet another new boss starting next month, who knows :)

  7. REally cute stitching, Melinda and I, too congratulate both your sister and you. YOu will have fun once you retire.

  8. Wicked Doll is such a lovely design. A great finish, Melinda. And nice progress on the other WIPs.
    You are approaching retirement with huge steps. It will be a great time, I can tell you from my own experience. And you are right, it's the time of being yourself.

  9. Great Wicked Doll design and I like the Music among the trees too, but couldn´t work upwards, I´d make loads of mistakes. Dull weather, depresses me too and makes me drag my feet :-)

  10. Love this design, beautiful colors with the back-stitching on it. I think you made the right choice to stitch the tree in the center.



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