Saturday, November 26, 2016

Small Business Saturday

It is hard to make this season all about Retail.  But I do try.  So today is Small Business Saturday.  Every year the Saturday after our Thanksgiving has been promoted as the day to support your local business.  And I do.

I will be at Cafe Kubal for Coffee, Columbus Bakery for Bread,  Eastwood Brewery, and of course a Stitchers Garden.  Coffee, Bread, Beer and Stitching.  Pretty much gives you a clear picture of my addictions.  Of course, I shop at these places all year, it is just fun to hit them all in one day.  And the weather looks as if it is will be perfect.

Last Saturday it was 70 (F)
Sunday - Monday Morning we had 25 inches of snow.  Yup... that was fun
Today it is 40 (F). Has been warm all week and almost all the snow is gone.  The fun of living in the middle of a bunch of lakes.

Stitching Updates:

This is my PEACE Finish.  It is a scrapbook page (Thank you Jo).  Of course the camera dulls the background blue.  But this page between, the snowman and the little red bird, the full moon, well it looks so peaceful to me I thought it would be a great fit.  And I am displaying this in my shadow box for the season.
 Next I had a couple of little tiny finishes -on perforated paper, foam backing and a little clothes pin to attach to a tree.  My kids love this silly movie, A Christmas Story.  On Christmas Eve, the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story starts. These are the two little boys.  This is a great movie for me to watch because it takes place years ago and reminds me of my early Christmas days.  Good memories. If you have never seen this give it a try.

This is my Woodland Sampler update. I am almost halfway finished.  My goal is to finish this before January 1st.  This will mean I will have finished 4 of my Year of WIP challenges and I will have 12 months to complete my goal of 10 finishes.  Also here is a picture of my last Nutcracker,  He is a little bigger than the others and 97h x 50w  and I am stitching him on 28ct 2 over 2.

He is a baker -- and of course he has GINGERBREAD.  My favorite taste of the season.  And 2017 will be the year of Gingerbread.  Hope to knock off a dozen of those.  Stitching from Stash of course! I have about 50 gingerbread patterns.

I have two more December goals.  To do a year of chalk January by Hands On Design - this will mean I only have July and August left. And a small for the last month of the 2016 Small challenge.

Here's hoping I will be able to catch up on all my blog reading over the next couple of days.  

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Always happy to inspire a fellow stitcher. The page looks lovely too.
    We have Civilised Saturday here in the UK promoted by bookshops. Of course, the most civilised people in retail!
    I love that turquoise on brown contrast, great colour choices.
    Well done on meeting so many goals too.

  2. Nice finishes and the colour combination on your Sampler is wonderful. And a most impressive nutcracker and you're right, gingerbread is essential to the holiday season.

  3. Lovely stitching. I especially like how your finished Peace on the scrapbook page, so pretty.

  4. Oh wonderful, Melinda, this scrap book page looks gorgeous. So great to see how you used the Peace letters. And your little finishes are so sweet. I always love to see a Woodland Sampler update with this great colour combination. You will certainly be able to finish everything you want to until the end of the year.
    Wow, waking up to 25" of snow in the morning is really something.

  5. I love that movie! When I lived in the US, we had the video tape of it and watched it all year. TBS used to show it for 24 hours straight at Christmas.

    Beautiful stitching, especially the Woodland Sampler!

  6. Fantastic finishes and great WIPs. Good luck with your goals.

  7. Your finishes look great! You have a month to finish your goals, plenty of time, not like it's the holidays or anything! ;)
    I'm very jealous of the snow you had, we're getting rain at the moment.

  8. great work, love the latest nutcracker and the pretty Woodland Sampler. Hope you manage to get everything finished on time, so many things to do this month.


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