Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A couple of Wedding Photos and A Solo September Update

Tuesday September 6 

So the wedding is over.  I am so very happy, It was a beautiful day, My daughter is crazy happy. The last few months have been packed full of DRAMA.  But all is good.  I have added only a few of the many pictures taken

Three Generations, Me, my daughter and my grand baby.  She is very happy her mommy and daddy are getting married.
And the dress is on.  The petticoat is misbehaving, so my daughter and me are making some last minute adjustments.

Most of the brides maids - once is missing - last minute shoe purchase, Left to Right Maid of Honor (daughter), Daughter #4, followed by daughter #1 and my niece.  Of course my granddaughter steals the show.

Bride and Groom - the reception is about over when this picture was taken.  It was a wonderful evening.

Silent Cardinals - Solo September - 1st update.
 Monday was a holiday - I took the opportunity to relax and Stitch - so I did get quite a bit done on Cardinal #1.  I hope I can continue at this rate and get this project finished before the end of September.

My dress was on sale - it was a great bargain, I will be able to wear it again and again and it was very comfortable.

The wedding was a crazy party.  My son in law is from Jamaica and his family is so much fun.  Looking forward to many more family events.

Theresa loved her little picture holder for her bouquet I have to get a better picture of my little pouch to post.  It was a success.


  1. Looks and sounds like such a fun day for all. I wish the young couple years of happiness ahead.

    Love your cardinal piece!

  2. Lovely wedding pictures, the three generations photo is so dear. Congratulations to your daughter and her husband, more blessed years. Your stitching is adorable.

  3. Oh, what lovely wedding photos - thank you so much for sharing that very special day with us :o) Your grand-daughter is so cute...
    Your dress looks lovely - great purchase!
    Cardinal is looking lovely
    Have a great stitchy week
    Hugs xx

  4. Sounds like the wedding was a great day. Congratulations to the bride and groom and best wishes for many, many years together. Your stitching looks lovely.

  5. Congratulations to the bride and groom - it looks like a wonderful day! Wishing them many more happy years together.
    Did I read that right - four daughters?
    You're right though, your granddaughter did steal their thunder a bit.
    Lovely stitching on your cardinals, let's hope for a September finish!

  6. Aw everyone looks so beautiful and happy. Glad to hear it was a wonderful day and many happy years to them. Love your progress on Cardinal.

  7. Great photos! I'm so glad the wedding went well.

  8. Nice photos and great progress on the cardinal.

  9. What a wonderful wedding! Congrats to the family! :)

  10. Oh Melinda, it must have been a wonderful day for the whole family. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures. All my very best wishes to the happy couple! Your beautiful granddaughter was certainly enjoying the day thoroughly :)

  11. And you madre such great progress on your Solo September piece. The little cardinal is so sweet.

  12. Looks like the wedding was beautiful and a great time. Your granddaughter is gorgeous in her dress just like her mommy does. Hope they have many years of happiness as a gorgeous family. The cardinal looks great!!

  13. Thanks for sharing the photos. I looked at the first one and thought "it was a very casual wedding"! Then realised it was a before dressing photo LOL.
    Your granddaughter is adorable and I think it's a great idea to wait until they are old enough to join in and appreciate the day. My son refers to the day "we" got married - ie me, hubby and him!

  14. Beautiful photos and many happy years to the new Mr and Mrs. Lovely stitching xx

  15. Glad to hear the wedding was a success. Great pics. Lovely dresses. Beautiful progress on your cardinal piece.


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