Thursday, August 25, 2016

Last Thursday of August 2016

Where did August go?  It's the last Thursday of the month and it is the day we share our monthly Smalls over at Stitching Lotus

Here is my Small for August.  This is one I completed for the Olympic Stitching Challenge in the Stitch Mania Facebook Group.  I enjoyed this SAL and would do it again.

So here are the rest of the projects for the challenge

August 15 was stitch White, and August 19 was silver.  I worked on the same project on both these days.  I was going to do this project for my daughter for her wedding - but it's not going to happen.  I hope to complete this and give it to her for Christmas - The dress is DMC Sparkly5200 one strand and one Strand of a sparkly Silver kreinik.
The red bow will be yellow and I am only doing the dress.

I did not stitch on Tuesday August 16 - it was wheel.  But I did work on Celtic Beauty again on August 17th it was Gold.  I was excited to pull this out again to work on because I do not want this to be a WIP anymore.
August 18 was Music or Patriotic so I pulled out Samples Not Forgotten Music Amongst the trees.

Next up was August 20 -Fire or Flames and 8/21 Copper or Bronze.  I started and worked on the JBW Choo ChooTrain.  I figure this is a very old train, so I know it used coal for fuel, and there was a fire going in the engine.  I change the color of the engine and the finally car before the caboose to DMC 921, which is copper.  That was the end of the SAL.  

My daughter asked me for her wedding day to find a special picture of her dad, so she can clip it to her bouquet as she walks down the aisle.  Her dad died of cancer several years ago.  I have the picture and I was trying to figure out how to attach it and I decided to make this little bag and put it in there and attach the little bag.  This is on 40 ct Mello.  This is half of a design from Rosewood Manor.  This chart was a gift I received while attending a Stitching Retreat.  I changed all the colors - the flowers are yellow and purple - the Wedding colors.  I love this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I have a very hard time with all the wedding samplers out there - for personal reasons, but I love this message and I think it is good advice to share with my daughter and future SIL.  This is very small, the verse will be hard to read - but it will work I hope.  

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are small matters compared to what lies within us.  


  1. Wonderful stitching this month! You have some beautiful projects in the works.

  2. Beautiful projects! Love them all.

  3. You did really well for the challenge and what a lovely variety of projects. Excellent verse for your wedding project.

  4. They are all really lovely and fit the themes so well. I love the wedding dress you are stitching for your daughter. It's going to be stunning!
    xo Alicia

  5. Lovely stitching, the dress looks interesting. Nice choice for the sampler, your daughter is gonna love all these👍

  6. What an array of different projects you chose for your Olympic stitching challenge. Very cool ideas. And you made some nice progress on them.
    I love the idea to make a little pouch to insert the picture for your daughter's wedding. That's very thoughtful and special.

  7. Wow, all great projects and great progress. I'll be interested to see the rocking horse completed.

  8. Love your rocking horse :o)
    You did great during the challenge - it was a great challenge - I really enjoyed seeing what everyone stitched each day.
    I love the idea of the pouch for your daughters wedding - it will be something for her to treasure
    Hugs xx

  9. I like the rocking horse ornament. The quote for your daughter will make a wonderful memento and a nice way for her to carry her father with her. And the sparkly dress is going to make a great Christmas gift!

  10. Beautiful stitching and what a lovely idea for the bouquet!

  11. Great work on your rocking horse and all the Olympic Challenge pieces. I really enjoyed it too.
    The pouch is a lovely idea for the wedding and the design you've chosen is beautiful too.


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