Monday, August 15, 2016

Olympic Challenge

It has been a crazy August so far, Summer Weather, Work and Family have all contributed into making this a great summer and one filled with great memories.

However, I have found less time to stitch, and even less time to blog or post about the stitching.

I joined the Stitch Maynia Olympic Stitching SAL. I have been able to do most of the daily stitching, but the posting of the progress has not happened. Instead I am posting it here.

New Start 1 - I worked on this piece August 5 (Stitch blue), and 10th Specialty stitches.

This is Music Amongst the trees - Samplers Not Forgotten - Not sure if you can see this picture but there are Blue stitches in the band across the top and Rice Stitches at the bottom.  I love stitching on this - first experience with Gloriana  Silks. Its a treat. I was able to complete a lot of this on Day 1, I know very little blue, but - I worked on this Friday night at my Stitchers Retreat Every Other Month !st Friday Night Stitch in,so it was about 5 hours of stitching time.

Day 2 - International Theme - I finished La D Da Peace on Earth.  I sort of looked at this a little different figured Internationally we could all work on Peace. (Very happy)

August 7 (yellow), August 9 (black) and August 11 (green).  This was a New Start I was able to finish working on this for three days.  Glory Bee's Free Summer Chart

I did not stitch August 8, Water or August 12 Triathalon - three pieces  ( I did not stitch at all either of these two days.

August 13 (red) and August 14 Equestrian - I started and finished JBW Hobby Horse - I did this as a Christmas Ornament - I stitched this with Sulky threads Blendables Vintage Holidays.  This was a 12 weight - so one strand is the same as 2 - it is a very different feel.  But I really liked this thread and bought it on a whim and just had to use it.  I would be picky about what I would stitch with these threads because of the look and feel, but I do like it.

So I haven't decided what I am working on from this day forward.  But I am sure I will find something.

The Wedding quickly approaches for DD#3.  I really need to get a dress - I haven't even looked and the wedding is September 3.

Guess I really should stitch some sort of Wedding Sampler?  Maybe?


  1. Lovely work on everything, and good luck choosing a wedding project and dress!

  2. You've been busy and the results of the stitching are lovely. Well done!

  3. Oh, your stitching is lovely--I may have to add those two with the birdies to my "must stitch" list :)

    Hope your wedding dress shopping goes well--you seem so very relaxed it :)

  4. So nice to read that you are having a great summer so far.
    This Stitch Maynia Olympic challenge sounds very interesting with all the Olympic themes. I love what you chose for them.

  5. Great work on all your themes. I'm really enjoying the Olympic challenge too.
    The wedding is coming up soon too, as Mother of the Bride you'll need a good hat as well as a nice frock!
    There are some nice simple but elegant wedding designs around if you want something quick to stitch.

  6. Great progress on your Olympic stitching. I love the colours in the your rocking horse :o)
    Good luck with the dress hunting
    Hugs xx

  7. Lovely new start. Congrats on the beautiful finished pieces.

  8. Lots of stitching progress. I like the Peace on Earth design and the pretty rocking horse.

  9. WOW, bellissimi, il mio preferito è il cavallo

  10. Wow, you have done loads of stitching. Love the rocking horse. Good luck with the frock hunting for the wedding x


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