Tuesday, January 19, 2016

20160119 Painting With A Twist and 1st Finish 2016

Kim and me - Wicked Willow
My Finished Painting

So this is a picture of my Painting with a Twist Event.  There was 16 of us in our group, celebrating my nieces birthday.  I have two pictures - my completed picture to the left and above a picture of my friend - who won 2nd prize for her painted on mustache - and myself (right).

Below you will see my Final Winterlogy - all done - My first finish of 2016 and yes it is sideways - this must be a camera setting and have something to do with the original picture - I will continue to try to figure out what's up with that. Below this picture is my update for Woodland Sampler - Started in 2013, and is my WIP for the month of January 2016.  I did a little knitting over the weekend, dealt with a broken furnace and a serious snow fall.  Monday we had a holiday Martin Luther King day - which was great, and I cleaned up my craft room, and I found 4 more unfinished projects.  Do I make every effort this year to finish these WIPs?  We will see what the days bring.

1st Final 2016   

This is sideways too.  I really am happy with my progress on this one.

I actually spent time working on my Small for the Small Sal 2016  But no pictures of it yet.

Stay true to you...


  1. Wow this looks fabulous fun, love your stitching too.

  2. I meant to say well done on your first finish x

  3. Great first finish for 2016. And a very sweet one, I love Bent Creek.
    I think it's a great idea to have a WIP for the whole month and to stitch on it whenever time allows.


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