Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 01 12

Winterlogy - Almost Done
January is fast flying by.  I really like the Winter months in Central New York - everything but sometimes the driving.

We have not had any snow yet - some predicted for tonight and tomorrow which means driving conditions are excellent and I had no trouble getting to my LNS, A Stitchers Garden

I am a lover of Cardinals.
 It's something I inherited from my mom.  So when I received my new copy of Cross Stitch and Needlework I knew I just had to do this project.  And It is Peace on Earth.  SERIOUSLY!! This really has my name all over it.  It is a Cottage Gardens Samplings  I really like Vinniey Tan's designs.

So this will be my one new start for 2016 and I purchased the fabric and threads (plus a few other things) this weekend.

Up top is a picture of Winterlogy which is almost done - have to fill in some of the ice block outlines and the snow on the last block on the right.  I was so planning on having this finished by now, but oh well.

Looks like this weekend will continue to be fun filled, I am attending a Painting with a Twist  Event on Saturday.  It is for my nieces birthday celebration.  We have a great time when we do this, I will share a picture of my creation along with one of what it is suppose to look like next post.

Stay safe


  1. Winterology looks great! Looking forward to seeing your new start ;)

    I saw on the news you guys are supposed to get snow tonight so stay warm and safe!

  2. Your stitching looks great and I love the Cardinal!

  3. Beautiful stitching and looking forward to seeing your new start :)

  4. Winterology is such a lovely project. And that cardinal project from the magazine would be one that I'd love to stitch as well. Cardinals are wonderful birds and I would love to see one in real life one day.
    I hope you haven't had as much snow as we got last Friday - 20" within about 12 hours. Not very funny as I spent he day outside shoveling snow, not exactly my hobby, lol.

  5. My brother lives in Connecticut and they were saying how warm it has been.....


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