Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayers for Oklahoma

I am in a place where I have a job, I have a home, I have a loving and wonderful family.  I am so blessed.  I have such an ache in my soul for those in Oklahoma - another elementary school tragedy. 
Nature ---- What can I say - it just makes no sense to me why we can't stop these storms somehow.....

These are my stitching updates for last week.  First my Monday SAL - I have finished the little creature on the roof of my Garden Shed - I am not quite sure what he is, and more of the shed.  This is a hard project to put down once I get started.  If you click HERE you will see all the wonderful updates for all the great Bothy Threads Projects  Thanks to Debbie and Linda for organizing and updating this amazing SAL.
Update #3 Bothy Threads, Garden Shed,
May 21, 2013
This is my little PEACE ornament.  I found this design right after the Boston Marathon.  It is titled Peace Love and Rainbows - I felt the need to stitch this.  It took me less than two days of working on it, so easy to stitch - it was in the Childrens Section of Stoney Creek, but for me, it was a soothing sort of stitch.

Peace Love and Rainbows,
Stoney Creek, Magazine
I had an amazingly wonderful opportunity to go to Arizona on Business. I was really only there for two nights and I was in a two day long seminar with so many techie people - it was awesome.  Arizona is beautiful.  But anyway - when I travel, as when I babysit - I do One Color Wonders.  I am back home now - but I worked a little on this one this week, because sometimes my brain wants to stitch, but it doesn't want to work too hard at it.

Freebie Papillion Creations
The Three Emblems Click Link to see all the free designs


  1. The shed is looking good Mindy. And I agree, they are hard to put down. Lovely stitching on the other two.


  2. Your Bothy piece is coming along nicely. Congrats on getting your peace ornament done.

  3. Great progress on Bothy sal. Lovely peace ornament you finished. oooh the Papillion wip is already looking pretty. love Annette

  4. You were lucky to get to come to Arizona when its not surface of the sun hot yet! I really like the Stoney Creek peace sign you finished

  5. The past few days I've been thinking why people choose to live in a tornado area. I decided it is really a dumb question, because 80% or so of my country is below water level and we don't seem to worry about that. It's a place we call home and I believe it's the same for the people living in tornado alley. The stories we hear about this disaster are awful and I feel really sorry for the people who have lost their loved ones homes and jobs!

    Love your finish and the wip's are looking great!

  6. Your Garden Shed looks great, Mindy! Could that animal be a cat on the roof? I see the birds fighting over a worm too. "One color wonders" is a good idea for stitching when you travel. Congrats on the Rainbow Peace sign finish! I added your Cut Thru pic to the SAL page on my blog, http://debbiescrossstitch.blogspot.com/p/bothy-threads-cut-thru-sal.html


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