Monday, November 5, 2012

Snow this Morning

All the Major Cities in New York
Well I really wouldn't say it snowed, If I don't  have to brush off the truck, it is not a true snowstorm.  I am from the Snow Capitol of New York.  I have Lake Ontario to the North, and am right up against Lake Onondaga.  For some reason, the weather guys say that's we get an awful lot of snow here.  We are very sad when we lose the Golden Snowball Award.  Last year we had no snow at all, but the whole country was way down...

We were still in the top 10, however very disappointed Rochester had more.
Now that Halloween has past, I do am loving the snow, and will be okay with it, until May.  When it snows in May, by then, we are ready for it to be over.  And since we are talking about Weather, I have to say I am so very blessed that Sandy did not damage us, it is very rare we get any kind of major storm here.  Watched a little of the weather channel this weekend, and the destruction that happens by ones of those storms, is just terrible. Thoughts and Prayers for Strength.


  1. I hope you get more snow this year! We had a really sad amount at our place last year so I am ready to be snowed. I have my mugs and hot cocoa set out in hopes!

  2. Snow falling & Christmas on his way... Bliss!!! Mii xx

  3. We rarely get snow in the Netherlands. When it does, the entire country is lost LOL. I would love to have snow every year for a few weeks. I can't imagine to have snow for months, that would drive me nuts I think!!
    It must be so hard for all the victims of Sandy now, in the cold. It is truly horrible!!

    1. I am lucky to be someone who loves the snow, and our city is so use to it, its cleanup crews are amazing -

      We continue to pray and send rescue workers and supplies to those affected by this storm, this is so sad


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