Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lights on Lake - A Holiday Event

Big Event in Syracuse - Lights on the Lake. This is a great holiday event. The lights go all up and down the lake, there are about 4 miles of them. The first two nights, are walk through - tonight was bring your dog night. Of course we had to have a family event - here are some of the pictures I took
If you look very hard, you can see one of my grandsons

Of course theres the gingerbread house and people

One of the several walk throughs, you can see how far down the lights go.

My favorite with two of my grandsons.  Peace on Earth, please

This tree is at the entrance
I am so blessed to have my grandchildren near by, and I can share these wonderful Holiday events.


  1. Great lights!!! Thanks for sharing your pic ☺

  2. I am amazed how well those lights show up in your pictures. What a fun event to take the grandchildren to.


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