Thursday, November 15, 2012

Frog Scissor Hunting

Two thrift store visits, no luck.  Hope to go to this antique place on Saturday.  Can't believe I am so in need of finding one.  Tried to look through a couple of boxes from my mom's, but no luck there either.

Thanks to my friend Dani I have lots of good scissor advice. I've picked up scissors here and there there are plenty of fancy handled cheapies out there nowadays. This shop has a great variety of scissors I've never ordered from them but heard good things

And from Minnie Scissors and Frogs The Great Scissors Scamper
And from Meari Scissors and Frogs

I just have to be careful not to start to gather up scissors the way I have floss, fabric and charts.


  1. Didn't know about this scissors world!!! Now, every shop I go I look for some lovely scissors but sadly, no luck so far...

  2. Scissors can definitely be addicting when you get scissor frogs. Have you seen my scissor shelf? LOL


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