Friday, September 7, 2012

So What's Up World, Its September

No blogging of late, even less stitching - more working and definitely more eating.  State Fair last week - I can't even begin to count the calories - I just can't help myself, I love FAIR FOOD.  We have like the biggest and oldest State Fair in the US - It is a huge event, and I live right next door.  It was the way we always ended Summer, and has too many Teenage memories I am glad my mom and dad never found out about.  Went Three times -- The Needlework and Quilts there were amazing - of course you can't take pictures in there, but WOW...

With the fair and my job, and my daughter moving into a new house, and school starting (two of my kids are teachers)  another one works in Student Activites at a College close by, the baby is still in College - and my grandkids, the new school year is an EVENT.  And September, is the time of year I do  alot of reflection, cleaning, putting the summer things away - getting out the fall stuff, set more goals now than at the New Year.  This is a season of my favorite colors, Oranges and Browns and Golds.   American Football has begun - life is good.  Just love the Fall.  BUT when I started that cleaning
 Well - I just had to come across the box with all the WIPS.  Made me wonder, now why did I start these charts, to stick them in a box, half done.  I SO HAD TO HAVE THAT CHART, SO HAD TO DO IT FOR SOMEONE  - and now it is half done in a box. WOW. 

For Example to my left - I can't remember the name - Designer Diane Arthurs So lets just call it Fall for now.  Cute, Simple little banner to display proudly at Thanksgiving.  Stuck in box and hidden away looking like this. So this upcoming week I will be putting in some stitches here.
On an even sadder note, this is all I stitched on my Around the World in 80. Now this is not really all I stitched. Because I have that other piece where I do all the practicing of those other stitches, which is filled with the practice stitches. I also did a whole bunch of stitches inside this heart, but found out I was off in my counting and we had to do that thing... FROG.... So I just thought, this is not the week for Around the World - must be I ate too much at the fair or something, so we put it down for a bit.
I received my order from Nordic Needle of the Metallics I needed for my Med Town SO it is up and I will be working on him.  Also back to my Witches, because before you know it, it will be October.   If you have read this far, you are wonderful.  Thank you Have a Wonderful Weekend.


  1. The Fall piece is really cute, Glad you ran across that. Don't worry about a bit of extra food...this is the time of year for it. I love the autumn colors to.

  2. Glad you found that Fall banner, it is really nice! Fair food is always yummy, I know exactly how you must have felt: like a kid in a sweet shop ☺ Mii, x

  3. Great progress on the Fall stitching :) though I am sorry to hear that the frog came for a visit.

  4. Oh, how lucky to live so close to a fair! I look forward to our local fall festivals ... because of the food! Funnel cakes and kettle korn and vats of chili, oh my, I need to stop thinking about it all. They're also a wonderful place to pick up local talent for Christmas presents!

    I like the banner piece; it almost seems perfect for a large bell pull!

  5. I also did some cleaning a couple weeks ago and found my box of WIP and posted some pictures of them on my blog it was kinda fun remembering starting them and deciding if I was going to finish them.
    Happy Stitching

  6. I agree... fair food is soooo yummy! Do finish that fall banner. It's a pretty piece.

  7. Looks like you are having a great time!

    I love end of summer events, they give the best memories!!

    I have to clean as well. Next week, after my birthday. Need to re-arrange my furniture and my summer wardrobe needs to be put away! I also love the treasures I find. Your autumn banner is really nice!!


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