Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Stitching Adventure today

Today I am going to have a visit at my LNS A Stitchers Garden.  I am leaving work a little early, so I can get there before they close - Wednesdays they do stay open until 6.  I have my list ready.  I am also meeting a new stitching friend, who lives about 45 minutes away from me, who is going to help me with Medieval, as she has worked on several Chatelaine Designs (lucky me to have found her). After working on it for this week, I do have a few questions, I am kind of stuck.

But also, I am looking to bye some Dinky Dye threads for Celtic Beauty (Papillion Creation).  A 2013 Start I hope.

And Also the new afghan series from Stoney Creek.  This is not a great picture.  But it is very much me. I do not want to create an afghan, but I want to stitch this design.  So I am looking to purchase some fabric that will work, and not make it too large.  I know the people there will be able to help for sure.  Another 2013 project. 

I am really going to try to stick within my cross stitch allowance, we will see.


  1. I love love Celtic Beauty! The Afghan looks fun too, lovely winter design.
    How wonderful to have a LNS near you! I had one (across the street!) but the owners retired. Good for them, but I miss them.

  2. Celtic Beauty is just lovely, I think m going to add that to my wish list!

    Someday I've got to go visit Stitcher's Garden, it's a few hours away from me.

  3. How exciting to meeting a new stitching friend! Celtic beauty is so tempting, what a lovely piece.
    The stoney creek is interesting, I'm going to look that one up. Sounds like a fun evening for you anyway.

  4. Love Celtic beauty! It is very pretty.


  5. Hello Melinda

    Thank you for becoming the first follower of my blog.
    I've read yours and enjoyed it very much.
    Your stitching is lovely and your Haeds are just awesome!

    Holly x

  6. Celtic Beauty is so gorgeous!

  7. So jealous that you have an LNS. I need one closer to me that is worth traveling to. Can't wait to see your WIP photos!


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